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Time for some concept news. To tackle the need to strengthen Windseeker’s sustainable sailing programme, Copyman developed the Clean Circle Navigators concept. Clean Circle Navigators combines the efforts of various partner programmes into one message: sail into the clear.

During sail training adventures on board traditional Tall Ships, Clean Circle Navigators focuses on circular behaviour and an innovative approach towards a cleaner future. It raises awareness of the necessity of sustainability and empowers the trainees to come up with and exchange solutions for current pollution and waste issues. All whilst hoisting sails and of course: serious fun at sea.

Clean Circle Navigators is set up for youngsters between 15 – 25 years who take an interest in a cleaner future. The logo Copyman created is a simple badge that has a scouting feel to it and encompasses the dynamic recycling symbol.

The name is build up out of several connotations: Clean for well, you know, clean. Circle for the closed circuit that is needed for a waste-less tomorrow and Navigators to steer the audience towards the nautical searching aspect.

The pay-off Sail into the Clear activates and opens up the consideration of both going on a sail training adventure and getting clear answers to complex matters. And yes, enjoying the outdoors, the great wide open.

What follows is a further development of the product by the Windseeker team and a social media campaign, to which Copyman will contribute an addition to the Windseeker brand book containing the frameworks of the concept identity.

Since this is an organic process, everyone is invited to shed their lights on the concept. So feel free to comment.

Tag along, join the Clean Circle Navigators and sail into the clear.